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Understanding, interpretation and the application of work given at school is of paramount importance in your child’s educational success. As professional tutors our core belief and principle is that no child is incapable of learning and doing better and that nothing is too difficult or impossible for them to attain. When they are equipped with good guidance, a positive attitude, diligence and hard work; not even the sky is their limit.

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Extra Classes / Tutoring

Exceller Tutoring offers academic support and is not a replacement for the lessons and the educational training your child receives at his/her school. We work based on their curriculum to enhance, reinforce, elaborate and most importantly ensure that your child understands the content and expectations from their primary educator (i.e. their school). We have real tutors to help the learners and impart what only ‘real-life teaching’ can impart. This allows for flexibility and adjusting strategies that will best help the learners understand their content.


We offer academic support for:

Mathematics (Grade 4-12)

Physical Science (Grade 10-12)


Life Sciences


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Our Physical address is 200 Sefako Makgatho Drive, Sinoville, Pretoria, Gauteng.

We also pick up students in near proximity of our location.

Go to Exceller Tutoring T&C’s to see which areas.

We are pleased to have you and your child as part of us. We trust this will be a great year where you and your child will benefit greatly for choosing us as your child’s educational enrichment and support structure.

This is our main aim and focus at Exceller Tutoring. Based on years of past experience, the need for this is vast as learners do not receive adequate help to process information given at school.


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Tutors in Pretoria

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Exceller Tutoring

Exceller Tutoring has professional tutors with excellent teaching abilities. Secure your child’s future by not denying them access to a world of knowledge. We have a burning passion for learning – not computerized but with personal interaction: In school many students do not receive enough attention to have all their questions answered. In most cases students might not receive an answer they fully understand. We love to think outside the box and give students new ways to look at things – ways the students can fully comprehend.

You’ve heard of the saying “work smarter, not harder”, but are you really working smarter? With our experience we have many tips and tricks up our sleeves to help you (or your child) improve your grades.

Don’t procrastinate, your decisions today are your results tomorrow. Contact Exceller Tutoring today.

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