Tutoring Subjects

    • We have seen improvements of +/- 18% in learners results
    • Mathematics & Physical Science tutoring in line with their specific curricula
    • Practical exposure of careers in the Maths and Science field
    • Tutor-learner centered program (not computerised) Transport services provided for learners Affordable
    • Freedback of progress throughout the year
Accounting Tutors in Pretoria


Our accounting tutors are well experienced in the field and really know how to crunch those numbers!

We assist your child in understanding how accounting works, always keeping in mind the frequent use and importance it has in our everyday lives.


Science Tutors in Pretoria

Physical Science

Our science tutors helps students understand the very fabric that reality consists of!

Physics teachers can expect a lot from a young mind and we’re here to properly teach your child all the scientific knowledge they need to know to pass their science classes and possibly become a scientist one day. (Hopefully not a mad scientist!!)

Math Tutors in Pretoria


Exceller Tutoring’s maths tutors know where and how to find the value of ‘X’ – and we’d love to show your child how to find it too!

It is common for students to struggle with mathematics, simply due to the way it is taught.

We find the way your child understands maths – putting them at ease when they are faced with a maths examination.

English Tutors in Pretoria


Ah, the English language…

Our English tutors know it inside and out.

No reason to stress and shout,

we fully accept the challenge:

Literature, prose and poetry –

taught to be understood by anybody!

Life Science Tutors in Pretoria

Life Sciences

Life science, also known as social sciences, is all about learning and understanding how we (as life forms) interact with each other and our environment.

Allow our life science tutors to assist your child in the teachings about the quintessential building block of society.

Preparing for great Matric results starts NOW!