Direct Attention

Each student is presented the opportunity to ask all their questions and get the right answers, all in a safe space. 

I attended Excelled Tutoring for about 2 years for grade 11 and 12 mathematics, physical sciences and accounting classes in grade 12.

Before I attended extra classes I used to memorize everything I learned in school without really fully understanding the purpose of certain steps taken to get results.

The biggest skills I learned from attending extra classes is reading actively and good methods of summary making/note taking that promoted daily active learning.

My extra classes not only helped me achieve the results I wanted but also good study habits that I’ve adoped and still use even now. I really also liked the one on one teaching aspect.

I am currently doing my 3rd year (final year) in Bachelor of science majoring in Mathematical Statistics and Applied Mathematics at Rhodes university.


High School Senior

I joined Exceller Tutoring in 2014 towards the end of my grade 11 year because I was en route failing maths. I stayed with them until my final matric maths paper.

Within a short space of time Eme was able to not only improve my maths marks but overall average as well because she taught me study principles I could apply to other areas of my academic life.

In my matric year (2015) I was consistently on the academic top 10 and I believe a large contributor to this was the study principles and work ethic I obtained from being in Exceller Tutoring.

I went on to obtain a BCom Law degree from the University of Pretoria and am currently pursuing a postgraduate diploma in entrepreneurship part-time at UP while working as a management consultant at Deloitte.


High School Senior

Before beginning my tutor lessons at Exceller Tutoring , I found myself really struggling with physical sciences, accounting and mathematics.

The lessons made my revision very easy with clear notes containing very detailed explanations.

One thing that I loved the most was that they encouraged independent learning , which was very helpful for me to understand the difficult concepts.

I recommend Exceller Tutoring to everyone.

Currently I’m studying BSc Actuarial and Financial Mathematics at the University of Pretoria.


High School Senior